Handbook on Building SUPER Banking Experiences: Case Study and Examples from 40 Global Banks

16 Nov 2018
by Jimit Arora, Ronak Doshi, Aaditya Jain, Pranati Dave

Disruption in technology, rise of millennials, and competitive marketplace are leading to disintermediation in the value chain and business models of traditional banks. To keep pace with the digital change, banks are aligning with digital-first operating models, adopting cutting-edge technologies, and fostering new digital-savvy culture.

Banking is increasingly being embedded in customer activities since it is an enabler. This transition is morphing the role of banks to become lifestyle experience orchestrators. Banks are focusing on the power of three E’s – experience, efficiency, and ecosystem – to enable their transformation journey. In this research, we study the experience-centric investments of 40 global banks.


  • Market segment: IT services
  • Geography: Global
  • Industry: Banking
  • Lines of business: Retail banking, cards & payments, commercial banking, and lending


  • Previous Everest Group research
  • Secondary data sources that are publicly available


The research focuses on banking IT services industry with primary focus on customer experience:

  • Analysis of business and technology investments by 40 global banks
  • Implications for buyers and IT service providers


Banking & Financial Services (BFS) - IT Services (ITS)


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