Driving Enterprise Chatbot Adoption

30 Jan 2018
by Ashwin Venkatesan

The enterprise chatbot landscape is undergoing a significant shift, driven by the digital workplace paradigm. Enterprise interest in chatbots is peaking as a result of the need to deliver on the twin mandates of user experience and productivity.

The chatbot landscape is now accelerating toward the third generation of technology evolution. The first- and second-generation chatbots were focused on reducing manual intervention and providing cost efficiencies. The third-generation chatbots leverage machine learning and automation to provide a marked increase in user experience and productivity.

To realize adoption benefits, enterprises need to overcome siloed adoption as well as internal change resistance, and define the business case clearly. They need to devise a well-defined planning and implementation strategy to reap the benefits of chatbot adoption.

This report:

  • Delineates the benefits of chatbot adoption
  • Examines the current state of enterprise chatbot adoption
  • Introduces the key features and lifecycle of a user-centric chatbot
  • Suggests best practices for enterprises as they expand their chatbot adoption


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