Shared Services Centers and Digital Transformation

2 Apr 2018
by Sarah Burnett

Shared services centers have offered organizations a strategic approach to realizing efficiency, while at the same time protecting themselves from economic uncertainty with onshore/offshore models that not only generate cost savings but also spread risks of disruption. Today, they are expected to deliver top-line impact as well as serve as cost centers. As such, shared services centers enjoy greater strategic importance than ever before. Organizations increasingly look to shared services centers to function as strategic partners in their transformation journey. In this paper, we explore how shared services centers can play a key role in the digital transformation of their parent organizations through automation.

We explore the following themes:

  • The past and expected evolution of the shared services centers
  • The business case for automation
  • Benefits of RPA beyond cost savings
  • When and where to begin the RPA journey?
  • A summary of process- and business-specific factors affecting suitability for automation
  • Key lessons from early adopters
  • The way forward for shared services centers as they advance on their automation journeys


Banking and Financial Services (BFS) - Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


Service Optimization Technologies (SOT)


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