Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Annual Report 2018: Orchestrating the Digital Talent Acquisition Symphony

27 Jul 2018
by Vishal Gupta

The RPO market is one of the fastest growing outsourcing markets in the world today with growth hovering above 15% consistently for the past three years. North America continues to occupy the lion’s share of the market with the UK and Australia being the other major markets. Continental Europe and Asia Pacific are emerging markets with good potential for the future. Even as the RPO market has matured in certain regions, growth has remained high due to the entry of smaller buyers as well as new industries. The competition in RPO remains intense, with not many players having a dominant market share, both in terms of number of deals as well as hires. With a large number of deals coming up for renewal in the next three years, service providers will have to be on their toes to maintain their market share as competition intensifies.

In this research, we analyse the RPO market across various dimensions:

  • Evolving RPO value proposition
  • RPO market overview and key trends
  • Solution characteristics and buyer adoption trends
  • Digital in talent acquisition

Scope of Analysis

  • RPO deals that include a minimum of four or more recruitment processes
  • The RPO deal is active and is at least one year in contract length
  • Service providers that offer RPO as a stand-alone outsourcing service
  • The deal scope should not be limited to temporary hires only
  • All geographies, industries, and job families


This research provides comprehensive coverage of the 2017 RPO market and analyses it across various dimensions such as evolving RPO value proposition, market overview, key trends, solution characteristics, buyer adoption trends, and digital in talent acquisition. Some of the key findings are:

  • As the RPO model gains maturity, the marketplace is witnessing the entry of hither-to unknown buyers. Industries such as retail and healthcare & pharma as well as small-sized buyers (<3,000 FTEs) are entering the market in increasing numbers leading to new avenues for service providers to tap
  • Total Talent Management (TTM) is increasingly getting a prominent place in the discussion around the talent needs of enterprises. While still in its early stages, service providers would do well to develop TTM capabilities with an eye to the future
  • Buyers are increasingly expecting more value from next-generation digital technologies in talent acquisition. While there are numerous tools in each of the key digital technologies for RPO, most of them are not quite mature yet


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)


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