Rewards and Recognition (R&R) Outsourcing – Service Provider Landscape with Services PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2018

27 Sep 2018
by Anil Vijayan, Snigdha Kakkar, Priyanka Mitra

The Rewards and Recognition (R&R) Outsourcing market has emerged as one of the fastest growing markets in the HRO space clocking a growth rate of ~14% between 2016-2017. With employee engagement and experience becoming increasingly important for enterprises, the market is witnessing an increasing demand for R&R services from buyers of all sizes. This demand is bolstered by emerging market challenges such as changing workforce demographics and a rapidly evolving technology landscape.

The market is dominated by specialist R&R providers who are now trying to expand their role from “just R&R program administrators” to that of strategic partners who can provide a gamut of services including consultative support (designing effective R&R programs), access to advanced technology solutions (such as advanced analytics, AI-based chatbots & decision support tools), and employee wellness & performance management services.

In this research, we analyze how the leading R&R providers stack up against each other on various dimensions. We focus on

  • Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix™ evaluation of R&R service providers
  • Key strengths and development areas for individual service providers
  • Brief overview of the competitive landscape of the R&R service provider market

Scope of analysis

  • Third-party R&R deals; it does not include shared services or Global In-house Centers (GICs)
  • Coverage across 18 R&R service providers including Achievers, BI Worldwide, Engage2Excel, Globoforce, HALO Group, Inspirus (a Sodexo group company), ITA Group, Kudos, Madison PG, Maritz Motivation Solutions, Marketing Innovators, O.C. Tanner, RewardGateway, Rymax Marketing Services, Inc., TerryBerry Company, WorkStride, Xexec, and Zaggle
  • Coverage across all industries and geographies


This report examines the global Rewards and Recognition (R&R) outsourcing market and its service provider landscape. The R&R service providers are mapped on the Everest Group PEAK Matrix™, which is a composite index of a range of distinct metrics related to a provider’s vision & capability and market impact. It will assist key market stakeholders understand the current state of the Rewards and Recognition (R&R) outsourcing landscape.

  • Based on the comprehensive Everest Group PEAK Matrix, 18 R&R service providers are segmented into Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants.
    • Leaders: Achievers, Globoforce, Engage2Excel, ITA Group, Madison PG, and O.C. Tanner
    • Major Contenders: BI Worldwide, HALO Group, Inspirus (a Sodexo group company), Maritz Motivation Solutions, Marketing Innovators, RewardGateway, Rymax Marketing Services, Inc., TerryBerry Company, and WorkStride
    • Aspirants: Xexec, Kudos, and Zaggle

The report presents key findings on the performance of different service provider categories. Additionally, it provides insights into the strengths and areas of improvements of each service provider.


Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)


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