Health & Welfare Benefits Administration Outsourcing – Service Provider Compendium 2018

9 Jul 2018
by Rajesh Ranjan, Anil Vijayan, Priyanka Mitra, Sharath Hari N

The Health and Welfare Benefits Administration Outsourcing (H&W BAO) Service Provider Profile Compendium is a companion to Everest Group’s latest study, Health and Welfare Benefits Administration Outsourcing (H&W BAO) – Service Provider Landscape with PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2018. This report provides comprehensive and fact-based snapshots of 11 major H&W BAO service providers. Each profile highlights a service provider’s delivery capability, market strategy, key organizational developments, delivery footprint, and client portfolio along various dimensions such as geography, industry, and buyer size. In addition, each profile provides the positioning of the service provider on the Everest Group PEAK Matrix with an insightful analysis of its capabilities.


This compendium of profiles tracks 11 H&W BAO service providers including ADP, Alight Solutions, Benefitexpress, Bswift, Businessolver, Conduent, Empyrean, Mercer, OneSource Virtual, Secova, and Willis Towers Watson.




In this research, we analyze the MPHRO service providers across the following dimensions:


  • H&W BAO service capability and strategy – includes company overview, leadership, target market segment, H&W BAO functional capabilities, partnerships, key H&W BAO-related developments, and spread of H&W BAO FTEs globally
  • H&W BAO client portfolio – includes total number of clients & participants managed, split of deals by geography, industry, and buyer size
  • H&W BAO delivery locations – includes city-level details of key delivery locations across the world
  • H&W BAO strengths and areas of improvement – includes Everest Group’s assessment of the provider’s performance in each of the delivery capability subdimensions of the PEAK Matrix, along with key strengths and areas of improvement

The objective of this compendium is to provide key stakeholders a snapshot of the offerings and capabilities of the 11 major H&W BAO service providers. While service providers will be able to benchmark their areas of strength and those of development vis-à-vis other service providers in the marketplace, buyers and potential buyers of MPHRO will be able to assess service providers on their desired set of capabilities.


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