Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Solutions in Delivering Customer Experience of the Future

23 Mar 2018
by Skand Bhargava

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining significant importance in driving end-to-end process automation in Customer Experience Management (CXM). While RPA helped firms drive automation of transactional and repetitive tasks, AI focuses on driving automation of tasks that require human intelligence, driven by different technologies and capabilities, such as Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), computer vision, or cognitive computing.

AI presents unique opportunities for firms – enabling them to enhance customer experience, develop highly-skilled agents, drive process efficiency, and enhance business outcome. Since it is a relatively nascent area in CXM, firms need to factor in some key considerations to drive AI adoption in CXM. A planned approach, future-ready talent, and a strong data management strategy will ease AI adoption. In addition, firms need to be aware of the different approaches to implement AI in CXM and the key offerings available in the market.

The scope of this report includes:

  • Overview and applicability of AI in delivering customer experience of the future
  • Case studies elucidating scenarios of AI implementation in CXM
  • Key considerations to operationalize AI in CXM
  • AI supplier ecosystem and key offerings available
  • Future-oriented outlook for AI in CXM


Customer Experience Management (CXM) Services, including Contact Center Outsourcing

Service Optimization Technologies (SOT)


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