Healthcare Analytics Services PEAK Matrix™ Assessment with Service Provider Landscape – 2019

18 Dec 2018
by Manu Aggarwal, Ankur Verma, Naman Sharma, Deepthi Mudunooru

The labor arbitrage model is steadily reaching a point where enterprises have to look toward other avenues to continue to benefit from outsourcing. Digital technologies, such as analytics, are a potential solution for buyers to improve process efficiency while lowering cost (in the long term). The healthcare analytics services market is showing a double-digit growth rate, with demand coming not only from traditional administrative segments but also from new areas such as care management and member engagement. As a result, the supplier landscape is filled with a multitude of players offering these services under different models. The report will explore some of the leading players in this market.

In this research, we will analyze the healthcare analytics services landscape with focus on:

  • Relative positioning of 18 service providers on Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix for healthcare analytics services
  • Analysis of service providers’ market share
  • Everest Group’s analysis of service providers’ strengths and areas of improvement

The scope and methodology

Coverage of 18 healthcare analytics services providers: Accenture, EXL, IBM, Optum, Cognizant, Conduent, DXC Technology, Genpact, HCL, NTT DATA, R1 RCM, Sutherland, Wipro, WNS, Capgemini, CGI, Omega Healthcare, and Shearwater Health


This report will assist key stakeholders (payers, hospital networks, BPO service providers, and technology vendors) understand the changing dynamics of the healthcare analytics services provider landscape. It will also help them identify Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants for 2019. The report provides detailed analysis of the service provider market share, relative position on the Everest Group PEAK Matrix, capability assessment, and Everest Group’s remarks on the service providers highlighting their key strengths and development areas.

Some of the findings in the report are:

  • IBM, Optum, DXC Technology, and Accenture are the four largest healthcare analytics services providers by revenue
  • Other service providers, such as EXL and Cognizant, are growing at a significant pace and reducing the gap with the largest players
  • Top five providers, i.e., IBM, Optum, Cognizant, Accenture, and DXC Technology, account for over 75% of the healthcare analytics services clients
  • WNS, EXL, and Cognizant witnessed service line growth of over 40% (12 months ending December 2017), by revenue
  • Accenture, IBM, Cognizant, and Optum accounted for over 60% of the 2016-2017 revenue growth in healthcare analytics services market, driven in part by their high revenue base


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