Healthcare Payer Annual Report: Payers Look at Digital to Reinvent in a Turbulent Healthcare Market

27 Mar 2018
by Abhishek Singh, Manu Aggarwal, Nitish Mittal, Naman Sharma

The healthcare payer market is changing because of certain secular themes, which include increasing consumerism, rise of digital, declining margins, growing distrust, and continuing regulatory uncertainty. These themes require payers to rethink their business models. At the same time, broader healthcare & life sciences market is undergoing tectonic shifts with varied implications for the payers’ future. Some of these themes include, rapid pace of health system convergence, increasing number of pharma experimenting with outcome-based models, market participants venturing into convergence-led models, redefined payer-PBM relationship, focus on data flow, extensive use of digital, entry of technology companies in healthcare space.

Amidst all these changes, payers’ also need to evaluate the fact that their role is changing and they need to take certain steps to be future ready. For this, we have defined some of the key payer characteristics that will experience significant change in the future, when compared with traditional/conventional way of operating / doing business. Four key tenets that we focus on in this report include members, providers, internal systems, and government.

This report covers the key tenets that will play a critical role in transforming a health plan into a future-ready payer. These tenets include the following:

  • Members
  • Providers
  • Internal systems
  • Government


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