Atos Acquires Syntel: Can Atos Win in the North American Battleground?

25 Jul 2018
by Abhishek Singh, Prashant Shukla, Pranav Kumar

On July 23, 2018, Atos announced its acquisition of Syntel in a deal worth US$3.4 billion.

The deal falls in line with Atos’ acquisition strategy, which in recent years has been characterized by an aspiration to grow and establish a firm presence in the North American market. This acquisition also strengthens its BFSI capabilities, an area in which Atos has seemed to be lagging compared to other leading service providers.

The move gives Atos access to Syntel’s application services pedigree, strong automation capabilities, and deep Indian delivery base. Atos has stated that through the acquisition, the firm completes its digital offerings, covering all its clients’ IT needs.

In this viewpoint, we examine the factors that led to this acquisition, what could work and what could fail, the new value proposition Atos can now take to clients, and how the move affects the larger IT services industry.


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