Evolution of Governance Models in the Digital Era

19 Apr 2017
by Abhishek Sharma, Achint Arora

For years, the three-tier governance structure had become standard in almost all application services proposals that are submitted to enterprise buyers.

However, after years of inertia this approach is finally witnessing some change. While the three-tier structure remains the same, the focus is shifting from governance being primarily a “delivery construct” to a “value enabler” in line with the changing technology services landscape. Everest Group has observed enterprises asking for subtle changes, and suppliers rising to the challenge

In this research, we analyze the enterprise expectations and how suppliers are addressing those asks by transforming their operating models. We focus on:

  • Contemporary CIO expectations from the governance layer
  • Innovative methods and best practices across suppliers

Scope and methodology of this report

The report has been prepared based on our interactions with senior enterprise buyer and supplier stakeholders, focused on contemporary expectations within IT deal governance.


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