Windows Upgrades – Price Benchmarks
Price Benchmarks for Upgrading Windows on End-User Devices

9 Mar 2017
by Ankit Goyal, Ricky Sundrani

Most enterprises try to optimize their IT infrastructure steady state run costs. However, one-time transformation-related costs can be an equally significant component that tends to get ignored. The service providers position these transformation programs in a complex way; this leads the enterprises to believe that the prices being charged are justified.

However, the fact is that many transformations, such as Windows desktop migrations or upgrades, Exchange to O365 migration, or server migration to cloud, have now become fairly standardized and can be evaluated objectively.

This whitepaper explores:

  • Types of upgrades in end-user devices
  • Various commercial models leveraged by service providers for upgrades
  • Major upgrade scenarios
  • Price benchmarks for upgrading Windows on end-user devices

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