Reimagining Application Delivery with Enterprise Crowd-development

22 Dec 2017
by Chirajeet Sengupta

The application services industry has evolved and grown over the last three decades with the adoption of new technologies and delivery models. The technology ecosystem has expanded to comprise companies delivering applications across SaaS, traditional license, and open source models.

With digitalization as a strategic enterprise priority, the application services industry is on the cusp of another disruption, one that is governed by three core issues – need for speed, technology proliferation, and need for real-time innovation.

The traditional application development model was built on the fundamentals of labor arbitrage and unit cost reduction through economies of scale. This delivery model fails to meet the new set of expectations for speed and innovation.

Crowd-based solutions can offer significant benefits to enterprises, such as on-demand access to niche skills and delivery speed. However, enterprises typically struggle to integrate crowd-based development programs with their larger development organization at scale.

This research focuses on the key challenges faced by enterprises from their traditional application development model and how these challenges can be solved by a crowd-based model. The report covers:

  • Key attributes of a successful enterprise-grade crowd-development model
  • A checklist for enterprises to evaluate crowd-based development solutions
  • Key value drivers for an enterprise crowd-dev model
  • Benefits that can be used to develop a business case


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