Top 20 IOT Trailblazers: Startups Crossing the Chasm

19 May 2017
by Chirajeet Sengupta, Yugal Joshi

Internet of Things (IOT) is heralded as the next revolution in the information age, which will change how we communicate and leverage machines around us. Technology companies, service providers, system integrators, device & chip manufacturers, and several other players across the ecosystem are making large scale investments to get on IOT bandwagon. However, complexities around IT and OT convergence are making the path to value realization lengthy and, often, elusive. Some of the key issues hindering IOT adoption pertain to lack of platform standardization, connectivity & network constraints, complexity in big data analysis, and threat of security & privacy breach.

These gaps in the ecosystem are being worked on by startups that are innovating new solutions and platforms. IOT startups are getting huge investments from venture firms, enterprises, and service providers, as they mushroom across the ecosystem and are leveraged by the ecosystem players to strengthen their IOT offerings. Service Providers are engaging with startups by making investments, acquiring, partnering for co-innovation, and defining joint go-to-market strategy.

Scope of the analysis

In this research, we present an assessment of IOT startups primarily in the enterprise IOT landscape. The report contains detailed profiles of 20 IOT startups across data analytics, platforms, security, and network provisioning. Each startup profile provides a comprehensive picture of its technology capabilities, achieved market growth, and perceived investors’ confidence. The research also provides a holistic overview of investments, acquisitions, and partnerships by different players in the IOT landscape.


The research focuses on IOT startups and include:

  • Overview of IOT landscape and role of IOT startups
  • Existing engagement models with IOT startups
    • Funding and mentoring
    • Acquisitions
    • Partnerships
  • IOT startups: Key players driving disruption
  • Assessment of key IOT startups
    • Platform providers
    • Connectivity enablers
    • Analytics solution providers
    • Security solution providers

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