Unblocking Blockchain Adoption – A Prioritization Framework for Business Processes

15 Nov 2017
by Anil Vijayan, Rajesh Ranjan, Ronak Doshi

Blockchain is rapidly emerging as a disruptive technology in domains much beyond its original area of application. There is high interest among enterprises with regards to how blockchain can be leveraged in business processes to attain the key benefits of disintermediation & trustless exchange, transparency & immutability, and quicker & lower cost transactions. Understandably, quite a few enterprises are wary of the many risks involved including nascency of the technology, potential privacy & security concerns, and high initial capital costs.

Enterprises would do well to tread cautiously, since a partially-informed decision can result in costly mistakes that can potentially destroy organizational appetite for this powerful technology. On the other hand, they should also not sit on the fence long enough to lose the opportunity of gaining competitive advantage by deploying blockchain. This paper lays out a prioritization framework that is intended to assist enterprises as they navigate the tricky terrain of blockchain in business processes.


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