The Future of HR Services – An Employee-Centric, Digital-First Approach

1 Sep 2017
by Anil Vijayan

Powerful trends are transforming the Human Resources (HR) function of enterprises. Issues of talent deficit and talent retention are becoming critical, millennials with striking new preferences are making their presence felt in the workforce, digital technologies are driving disruption, and ensuring positive employee experience is becoming vital to attract, retain, and engage talent. In such a situation, the traditional model of HR services, focused largely on cost reduction, is not a viable option.

This viewpoint looks at the downsides of the traditional model of HR services, the evolving paradigm of HR services driven by focus on employee experience & engagement, and a new model of digital-first HR services that is differentiated from the traditional model in terms of technology, people, and process. It provides use cases in HR for the disruptive technologies of advanced analytics and Service Delivery Automation (SDA). Further, it describes the immense potential of the new model for service providers and best practices that can drive success for enterprises.


Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)


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