Enterprise Total Talent Acquisition (ETTA) – The Future-Ready Talent Approach

8 May 2017
by Vishal Gupta

The world is transforming. Economic, social, political, and technological changes are not just continuing, but are in fact gaining pace. In these changing and uncertain times, every investment decision by an organization, especially if it is talent- or workforce-related, must be made with more deliberation than ever. A well-balanced workforce strategy, that looks at all available talent and talent-alternatives before making a final decision, is the need of the hour. This puts the spotlight on the temporary, Statement of Work (SOW), freelance, and outsourced workers, given that hitherto most organizations have devoted much of their focus on the permanent employee base.

Thus, a total talent acquisition approach that takes a combined view of all categories of talent and talent-alternatives, under one single integrated hiring program is what is required. We, thus, introduce the concept of Enterprise Total Talent Acquisition (ETTA). While the concept owes its genesis to the “blended RPO and MSP” approach, it goes much beyond that and involves multiple new aspects. Each of those aspects have been described and discussed in greater detail in the paper.

This research report describes in detail the concept of Enterprise Total Talent Acquisition (ETTA), and highlights the drivers, challenges, and the financial & business benefits of adopting such an approach. It also suggests various models and methods that the buyers and service providers should leverage to effectively implement this approach.


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