Betting on the Future – The Bangladesh IT-ITeS Industry is Poised for Growth

14 Dec 2017
by Prashray Kala, Parul Jain

Although India and the Philippines have been the most prominent delivery destinations, several next-wave locations have emerged with niche pockets of strengths and unique propositions in terms of cost structures, talent markets, and diverse risk profiles. Bangladesh, in particular, has experienced increased traction from IT-ITeS service providers in the recent years. The country’s domestic IT-ITeS industry is currently valued at ~US$1 billion and is expected to grow five-fold by 2025. Bangladesh offers a compelling blend of quality talent at low costs, with a risk profile much lower than commonly perceived. The pot is further sweetened with pragmatic government support to boost foreign investments.

Drawing insights from Everest Group’s existing research and combining it with recent interactions with market players and government bodies, this study evaluates the current IT-ITeS delivery landscape in Bangladesh, and discusses the on-ground experiences of companies operating in the country. Further, the study also offers perspectives on key enablers and considerations for the IT-ITeS industry in Bangladesh and key roles the location can play in delivery portfolios of global service providers.


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