Impact Of Brexit On The UK Contact Center Market – The Only Thing Certain Is Uncertainty

27 Jul 2017
by Anurag Srivastava, Parul Jain, Sharang Sharma, Skand Bhargava

The Brexit referendum, initiated in June 2016, saw the population of United Kingdom voting to exit the European Union. With several concerns raised by businesses in the aftermath, the contact center industry also found itself facing key questions related to impact on the business and future investment plans in United Kingdom and nearshore locations serving the location. Over the last one year, Brexit has also indirectly resulted in other developments that impact the contact center industry.

To comprehend the situation better, Everest Group engaged in conversations with the top service providers, GICs, and buyers in United Kingdom to understand the impact of Brexit on their businesses in the last one year, and the potential outcomes that they are anticipating in the future once the process is complete.

This report discusses the impact of Brexit on the UK contact center market including:

  • Initial concerns faced by the contact center industry related to Brexit
  • Impact of Brexit observed in the last one year on the contact center industry
  • Other indirect challenges for the contact center industry created due to Brexit
  • Anticipated impact of Brexit in the future


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