Brexit, GDPR, and Digital Winds of Change: Disruption or Transformation of Service Delivery to the United Kingdom and Ireland?

27 Oct 2017
by Akshay Pandita, Anurag Srivastava

Offshore, nearshore, and onshore locations play a critical role in delivery to the UK and Ireland. Over the last few years, demand from UK- and Ireland-based enterprises has increased significantly across IT, voice BPS, non-voice BPS, and digital services. This report provides a detailed assessment of locations (globally) supporting demand from the UK and Ireland region.

This report takes a close look at the current landscape of key offshore, nearshore, and onshore locations being leveraged by UK- and Ireland-based enterprises to support service delivery. The report provides a detailed assessment of these delivery locations in terms of their value proposition from a cost-talent-risk perspective. The report also aims to assist enterprises in shortlisting delivery locations by evaluating factors such as maturity (by function/process), regulatory changes, technology trends, and impact of Brexit on sourcing strategy of companies.


  • Information Technology, non-voice BPS, and voice BPS (contact center) services (including digital services) delivery from global in-house centers as well as third-party service providers to UK and Ireland-based enterprises
  • Global locations in the study include London, Manchester, Dublin, Glasgow, Belfast, Cape Town, Bucharest, Krakow, Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, and Metro Manila. London is used as a baseline location for comparison of operating cost
  • Assessment of the above-mentioned cities for delivery to the UK and Ireland across the following dimensions – operating cost, entry-level talent availability, experienced resources, skills, risks, and maturity


This report shares Everest Group’s perspective on global locations as a source/delivery geography for the UK- and Ireland-based enterprises. Key topics covered are:

  • Market overview of global services demand from UK and Ireland – size and segmentation
  • Major locations delivering global services to UK and Ireland
  • Detailed assessment of value proposition (including cost, talent, market activity, risk, and maturity) of leading locations delivering to the UK and Ireland
  • MAP Matrix™ of leading locations delivering services to the UK and Ireland
  • Key trends likely to impact demand from the UK and Ireland


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