Talent Model and Location Hotspots for Service Delivery Automation (SDA) Center of Excellence (CoE)

28 Jul 2017
by Amardeep Modi, Anurag Srivastava

The global services industry has witnessed a rapid surge in automation efforts as a lever to reduce costs. Increasing adoption of automation is making companies revamp their hiring strategy as Service Delivery Automation (SDA) requires specialized skills, which are not readily available. Further, conventional locations strategies will not suffice for SDA, as it requires an optimized global locations portfolio across onshore, nearshore, and offshore geographies. Choosing the right locations for SDA CoE is a key strategic decision that involves mapping the skills required to available talent and ensuring overall success of the SDA agenda.

This report provides an up close view of the type of talent required, hiring strategy, and global locations landscape for SDA CoE. It also assesses the comparative value proposition of leading locations currently being leveraged for SDA services delivery. Further, the report provides insights into different location strategies adopted by leading organizations for establishing an SDA CoE.


This report provides perspectives on the talent model, global sourcing landscape, and location “hotspots” for SDA. Key topics covered are:

  • Talent profile required for an SDA CoE in terms of key roles, responsibilities, and skill sets, along with the staffing mix, hiring models, and governance structure adopted by leading enterprises and service providers
  • Global landscape and current distribution of SDA talent across key delivery geographies
  • Comparative attractiveness of leading locations for SDA, in terms of talent availability, financial attractiveness, and availability of an enabling business environment
  • Location portfolio strategies and best-fit location options based on the organization characteristics and considerations for SDA CoE setup
  • Case studies of GICs and service providers on their talent model and location strategy for SDA adoption, along with key learnings
  • Implications for industry stakeholders with regard to the adoption of SDA

The scope of the report includes

  • Service Delivery Automation (SDA) using tools such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) along with advanced automation solutions such as cognitive automation and artificial intelligence
  • Analysis of leading locations currently being leveraged for SDA services delivery across India, Asia Pacific, Latin America, nearshore Europe, onshore Tier-2 Europe, and onshore Tier-2 U.S.


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