India Takes the Pole Position in Talent Availability for Automotive Engineering Services

India is one of the world’s largest offshore engineering services delivery locations, both for service providers and Global In-house Centers (GICs). Currently, GICs based in India employ ~230,000 FTEs, engaged in a variety of engineering services. The automotive engineering services vertical comprises ~20% of this market and has been witnessing strong growth over the past few years. As automotive engineering GICs continue to expand the scale and scope of services being delivered from India, it is important to understand the talent market and its sustainability for delivering high quality engineering services.

This report focuses on the global delivery of automotive engineering services from GICs in India. Specifically, it describes the availability of relevant talent, both entry-level and experienced, and the practices of GICs in hiring talent in this space.

The following is included in the report:

  • Assessment of automotive engineering services delivery from GICs in India
    • GIC automotive engineering services market size in leading locations in India
    • Availability of key/core skills across India
  • Assessment of the talent pool for automotive engineering GICs in India
    • Entry-level / graduate talent pool landscape in India
    • Demand-supply dynamics for graduate talent pool
    • Educational profile and key engineering institutions
  • Talent mobility and attrition trends for automotive engineering GICs in India
    • GIC talent mobility across three dimensions: within leading locations in India, across different organizations, and across different verticals
    • Attrition trends across leading locations in India


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