In Pursuit of Product Excellence: Quality Management in the Engineering Services Industry

31 May 2017
by Anish Agarwal, Chirajeet Sengupta, Mayank Maria, Ronak Doshi

Global enterprises are investing in enhancing their Quality Management (QM) efforts in their pursuit to research and engineer products of utmost quality that meet global standards in their field. Superior quality of products act as a differentiating factor for quality conscious enterprises that keep the customer needs and experience at the center of all their quality management efforts. Enterprises have realized that lack of QM results in high cost and loss of brand image. Quality management in the engineering services industry covers all activities that are involved in the validation, verification, and testing of new products (hardware or software) during all stages of the product lifecycle.

The demand for global sourcing of quality management services is expected to witness strong growth as enterprises look to reduce costs while battling margin pressures and at the same time ensure speed-to-market, continuous innovation, ability to meet evolving consumer needs, and incorporating next-generation technologies.

This report provides a detailed analysis of quality management activities in the engineering services industry. It covers market landscape of quality management services and focuses on the central idea of how digital technology themes are reshaping the way enterprises look at their product quality management efforts in the engineering services industry.

The report is divided into three broad sections:

  • Detailed description of Quality Management (QM) in engineering services
  • Trends shaping the QM market with a focus on the way digital technologies are transforming quality management activities
  • An overview of the global sourcing industry for quality management activities, size of the market, growth trends, and demand drivers for sourcing of quality management in engineering services

The scope of the report

  • Industry: Engineering services (ES)
  • Focus: Quality management
  • ES segments:
    • Software products
    • Mechanical (automotive, aerospace, defense, and marine)
    • Hi-tech (semiconductors, telecom, consumer electronics, and computing systems)
    • Industrial, energy, chemicals, and natural resources
  • Geography: Global


Engineering Services


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