Digital Effectiveness in Retail Banking: Journey of North American Banks to Build SUPER Experiences

22 Dec 2017
by Michel Janssen, Jimit Arora, Ronak Doshi, Aaditya Jain, Archit Mishra

Disruption in technology is leading to disintermediation in the banking value chain and business model. FinTechs, non-traditional financial service providers, and neo-digital banks are developing new products, services, and business models, impacting front- to back-office functions to compete with traditional banks. The increasing competition and growing adoption of digital channels are forcing traditional banks to adapt to new client processes and reinvent themselves.

The industry is expected to witness a sea change, as banks move to a co-creation model to combine, package, and offer products/services from banking and allied businesses by orchestrating customer lifecycle. In such a situation, banks will move away from being perceived as just a physical structure that offers financial services/products to being an ambient fabric connecting people and businesses.

In this research, we analyse the customer-facing digital investments for 30 large North American retail banks. These banks have been mapped on Everest Group’s Digital Effectiveness Assessment Model, which is a composite index of a range of distinct metrics related to each bank’s capability maturity and the resultant business outcomes. In this report, we focus on:

  • Future state of banking
  • Assessment of 30 leading North American banks on Everest Group’s Digital Effectiveness Assessment Model
  • Identification of Digital Banking Leaders and key features across all assessment dimensions
  • Snapshot of capability maturity and business outcomes of all North American banks assessed on the Model

Scope of the analysis

  • Industry: Retail banking
  • Geography: North America (the United States and Canada)
  • Enterprises: Includes 30 leading North American banks (25 U.S. banks and 5 Canadian Banks), short-listed on the basis of asset size as well as their focus on retail banking

Sources leveraged

Only publicly-available information (i.e., information from a consumers’ perspective) has been used for the analysis in this report.


This report has two parts:

  • • The detailed report “Digital Effectiveness in Retail Banking: Journey of North American Banks to Build SUPER Experiences”
  • An “Executive Summary” which encapsulates the key findings the assessment


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