Chatbots Delivering Enhanced Customer Experience: It’s Easy to Get It Wrong

13 Oct 2017
by Sharang Sharma

Increasing focus on self-service, as well as the need to improve customer experience, is pushing enterprises to focus on relevant technologies that can help them achieve this goal. With growing adoption of non-voice channels, enterprises are also looking at ways to innovate within the traditional voice space to achieve a seamless experience across channels. These developments have generated a huge buzz in the market for chatbots.

Chatbots today span multiple channels such as voice (also called virtual agents), chat, email, social media, and text. While there is a substantial interest in chatbots from a contact center perspective, most enterprises have only recently started exploring strategies for effectively leveraging chatbots as part of their customer experience operations.

This viewpoint tries to answer some key questions regarding chatbots, including:

  • Reasons for huge interest regarding chatbots in the market
  • Advantages of chatbots for enterprises and end-customers
  • Challenges to wider enterprise adoption
  • Best strategies for enterprises to develop and deploy chatbots
  • Role played by service providers in helping enterprises with their chatbot strategies


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