Delivering Omni-Channel Customer Experience

15 Sep 2017

In the era of digital disruption, acquiring and retaining customers remains one of the main strategic objectives for brands in any industry. Firms can build competitive advantage by delivering exceptional customer experience across all channels. While accomplishing this can seem daunting initially – in reality, omni-channel customer interaction can be achieved with a comprehensive strategy and a well-planned approach. Everest Group’s two-part study on assessing the organizational readiness and implementing omni-channel will help firms take the right steps to deliver a consistent and superior customer experience across all channels.

The first paper in this series – From Multi-Channel to Omni-Channel Customer Experience: A Checklist for Assessing Readiness to Make the Jump, discussed the people and technology considerations when pursuing an omni-channel implementation. This second paper delves into the detailed execution of an omni-channel strategy and identifies how to assess post-implementation effectiveness.

This study focuses on answering the following key questions:

  • What are the critical organizational success factors for transitioning to omni-channel customer care?
  • How should companies approach their transition to omni-channel?
  • What are the most efficient and effective methods and metrics to measure the omni-channel implementation?

The checklist at the end offers guidance on managing the people, process, and technology elements critical to a successful omni-channel transition.


Contact Center Outsourcing (CCO)


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