DevOps: People, Processes, and Products

5 Oct 2016
by Abhishek Sharma, Achint Arora

The viewpoint titled “DevOps: People, Processes, and Products” is an essay on the DevOps methodology that has become the buzz of the next generation improvements in the IT services industry. In this paper, various aspects of this methodology have been discussed, which would enable the reader to have better insights into DevOps. The various tenets that have been addressed in this paper are as follows:

  • Introduction to DevOps
  • DevOps and its application in the software lifecycle
  • DevOps for legacy products
  • What DevOps means for its stakeholders?
  • DevOps and its three pillars (cost, effort and quality)
  • Impact on three pillars and how potential $$ savings can be affected
  • Conclusion

Page Count: 9