Application Services – Annual Report 2016: “No DevOps No Digital”

27 May 2016
by Chirajeet Sengupta, Yugal Joshi



Enterprises have realized that in order to become truly digital, they need to develop a holistic applications and infrastructure strategy, with DevOps as the pivotal enabler. However, as they try to scale up their adoption of Agile and DevOps principles, they are riddled with challenges that hinder further adoption. This also limits organizational agility to become digital owing to the lack of cultural change, process obsolescence, and technology misalignment.

Everest Group’s annual research indicates that though enterprises are keen to adopt DevOps principles, most organizations struggle with them and require hand-holding on their journey. However, this has not resulted in higher engagement with service providers, as providers themselves are scaling up their portfolio to meet this demand. The research also provides fact-based analysis of buyer trends by geography, industry, and revenue size. It also analyzes major trends impacting the application services market and provides an outlook for the year.


  • IT services market size (split across applications, consulting, infrastructure services, geography, and industry verticals)
  • Market share of leading IT service providers in applications, consulting, and infrastructure services
  • Application Services (AS) buyer adoption trends across geography, industry verticals, and revenue size
  • Key trends shaping the AS market (lack of DevOps hindering digital adoption among enterprises)
  • Outlook for 2016-2017


This annual research delves into the application services landscape to provide data-driven facts and perspectives on the market. It covers AS adoption trends, demand drivers, and enterprise challenges with iterative methodologies such as Agile and DevOps. The research also analyzes market trends across geographies, industries, and buyer sizes, and provides an outlook for 2016-2017. For instance, the section on “AS Overview” analyzes the following:

  • Deal trends (new deals vs. renewals)
  • Deal size and duration
  • Scope of services (e.g., application development, maintenance, and consulting)
  • Pricing trends

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