Hot Healthcare Start-ups: Dawn of a New World Order

26 Aug 2016
by Abhishek Singh, Jimit Arora, Nitish Mittal


The Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) landscape has been subject to significant turbulence on account of a gamut of factors including escalating costs, widespread regulatory amendments, changing business models, and evolution of the patient-centric paradigm (with mobile computing, social media platforms, “anytime-anywhere” information access, and self-service channels). This combination of disruptive and legacy factors has driven HLS firms to adopt new technologies, while also revamping their existing systems, processes, and interfaces.

Stakeholders are trying to tackle endemic industry issues through technology leverage. Consumer expectations are fundamentally changing from their healthcare experience. Stakeholders are trying to evolve the operating model of healthcare in the new normal. Start-ups have a fertile ground to reap benefits through innovative solutions that address these challenges through a fresh approach combining the elements of user experience (UX), design, and digital channels. It is also a reason a why, even though the overall funding climate has begun to show signs of correction, healthcare is witnessing a resurgence in investment activity. Services providers, enterprise buyers, and investment firms alike have varied reasons to better understand this exciting landscape and unlock opportunities in a fast-evolving market.

In this report, starting with a long list of over 200 candidates, we analyze 25 hot healthcare start-ups across five investment areas – care financing, care management, EHR, practice management, and telehealth. We focus on:

  • Healthcare: A market craving for innovation
    • The quest for Triple Aim
    • Current state, evolution and stakeholder initiatives
    • Opportunity in the healthcare value chain
  • Hot healthcare start-ups: Key players driving disruption
    • Funding scenario
    • Leading investment areas
    • Healthcare start-ups shortlist
    • Healthcare start-ups leader board
    • Implications for enterprises
    • Implications for service providers
  • Investment focus areas: An assessment of key investment markets
    • Care financing
    • Care management
    • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
    • Practice management
    • Telehealth
  • Profiles of 25 hot healthcare start-ups, which encompasses
    • Business overview
    • Leadership details
    • Funding trail
    • Disruption across technology & business
    • Market buzz

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