HR Analytics in Europe: A Patchwork Landscape

14 Sep 2015

Executive Summary

HR analytics is a “hot” topic today that incites passionate conversation among HR professionals and now CXOs as well. Unfortunately, hype has preceded action in this field, and there has been more theorizing than actual action on the ground. Everest Group undertook a detailed study to gauge the true situation in HR analytics in Europe. The choice of Europe was dictated by the fact that among the global regions, HR is the most strategic and powerful in Europe. The expectation was to find really strong and interesting cases of HR analytics usage in Europe. Our research shows that the story is mixed but encouraging, where quite a few organizations have made a strong and emphatic start to their HR analytics journey, but are still a long way from fully leveraging the potential in this field.

This report cites on-the-ground, successful examples in Europe in an attempt to better understand the nascent but active HR Analytics market and the emerging best practices around it.


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