Global In-house Center (GIC) Landscape in India – Three Decades of Value Creation for Global Enterprises, Geared Up to Deliver More

23 Sep 2014
by Ritika Dhingra, Sakshi Garg


Background and Context

The global sourcing market witnessed steady growth in 2013 to reach a size of ~US$137 billion. India accounts for around 50% of the share of the industry. The offshore services market in India was pioneered by GICs such as Texas Instruments and GE in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The 10-year period, from 2002 to 2011, witnessed rapid growth in this segment, with a large number of companies setting up / expanding their GICs.

While companies in their quest to diversify have also explored and successfully established GIC operations in China, Philippines, Rest of Asia (RoA), Central & Eastern Europe (CEE), and Latin America, India continues to remain the dominant geography for setting up GICs.

Industry Vertical


This research leverages Everest Group’s proprietary GIC database, the industry’s most comprehensive database on GICs. The analysis is based on India-based GICs providing offshore delivery of global services and excludes shared service centers that serve domestic operations

  • Data from the GIC database and Everest Group’s experience in the GIC segment has been supplemented by interactions with GICs in India on key themes of the study
  • This report is relevant to a broad set of stakeholders – buyers / parent organizations, service providers, GIC organizations, and industry influencers (investors, industry bodies, etc.)

Distribution of GICs


This report provides an in-depth analysis of the overall GIC landscape in India in terms of growth, buyer portfolio, scale, functions supported, and key delivery locations.

The report also provides trends in the Indian GIC market in the last 42 months (2011 to H1 2014). This has been compared with the cumulative GIC activity in India to bring forth the key differences.

It also provides a deep dive into the Indian GIC market across locations, verticals, and functions:

  • The location section covers GIC activity across key cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, NCR, and Pune
  • The industry and function section analyzes the Indian GIC market across key industry verticals (banking, financial services, and insurance; energy and utilities; healthcare; manufacturing, distribution, and retail; technology; and telecom) and functions (business process – finance and accounting , human resource, supply chain, industry-specific, analytics, and customer care, information technology – application development & maintenance and infrastructure, and R&D / engineering)

The study concludes with the assessment of the three strategic opportunities that lie in front of GICs in India.


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