U.S. and Canada: Global Services Trends in Q2 2013


Market Vista


Buyer Geography Trends reports provide data, developments, and insights on outsourcing and offshoring trends for a particular buyer geography/region. These reports provide the research and analysis that enable users to navigate through complexity and make clear, effective decisions suited to their focus region.

Outsourcing activity by buyer geography


  • Outsourcing transaction trends
  • GIC developments for buyers in the region
  • Service provider activity and deal information


The Q2-2013 Buyer Geography Trends report for U.S. and Canada includes data and insights, specific to this region spanning across

  • Overall trends in outsourcing transactions
  • Outsourcing transaction activity by process, subprocess, and industry vertical
  • Global In-house Center (GIC) market overview including recent set-ups, expansion, and divestitures
  • Transaction activity by service providers and service provider market share
  • Significant deals signed by leading companies
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