Webinar Deck: The Talent Shortage is Real. Five Things We Now Know.

9 Nov 2021
by Michel Janssen, Arkadev Basak, Nitish Mittal, Abhishek Sharma

On November 9, Everest Group hosted a webinar titled, "The Talent Shortage is Real. Five Things We Now Know."

For the past several years, the talent war has had a special emphasis on the demand for high-end digital talent. Today, the challenge has become a widespread talent shortage and has spiraled into rising attrition rates, higher internal salary demands from employees, and increasing outsourcing rates across job skill sets.

With such a massive shift, what viable options are available to mitigate the impact of the talent shortage?

View this webinar as our experts explored the effects of the talent shortage and dived into topics including:

  • The reasons behind the talent shortage and why there’s not a quick fix
  • The rising attrition rate and implications on outsourcing service rates
  • Regional pricing trends and future pricing outlook
  • Sneak peeks from our 2022 Key Issues study: It’s Not a Talent War, It’s a New Reality

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