Webinar Deck: Application Services in 2021: Rate Hikes, Productized DevOps, and More?

17 Aug 2021
by Michel Janssen, Rahul Gehani, Achint Arora

On August 17, Everest Group hosted a webinar titled, "Application Services in 2021: Rate Hikes, Productized DevOps, and More?"

Are your IT application services deals aligned with the current market dynamic? As rates rise, buyers and providers should be in preparation mode.

IT application services is one of the most mature yet dynamic functions within the outsourcing industry. Current trends like rapid changes in operating models, the advent of new technologies such as digital, buyer preferences, and provider capabilities have caused outsourcing deals in IT applications to undergo significant changes.

Drawing from live deals assessed and benchmarked by Everest Group, this webinar detailed buyers and providers insights on pricing trends in IT application deals, current solution practices, the impact of automation, and quality and satisfaction-related tenets.

What questions does the webinar answer?

  • How have operating models and solutions evolved in IT applications deals?
  • How real is the talk around moving from SLAs to XLAs?
  • What are recent pricing trends and the future pricing outlook?

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