Webinar Deck: Is the New World [Dis]Order Driving U.S. Domestic Sourcing? Plus Market Vista™ 2Q17 Update

21 Aug 2017
by Eric Simonson, Michel Janssen, Sakshi Garg

As most of us know first hand, the global services industry is in the midst of interesting times. Disruptions, such as digital technologies, regulatory changes, and geo-political dynamics are challenging the way services are delivered as well as consumed.

Listen to this webinar to learn more about these challenges and how multiple startups have emerged to fill the innovation gaps with new solutions and platforms.

During this one-hour webinar, presented on August 17, Everest Group focused on:

  • The increasing adoption of domestic sourcing
  • Current trends in domestic sourcing
  • Practical experiences of managing domestic sourcing
  • Highlights of the global services market in 2Q2017


Market Vista


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