Webinar Deck: Market Vista™ 1Q17 Update PLUS an Exploration of Hybrid Sourcing Delivery Models

19 May 2017
by Sakshi Garg

On May 16, Everest Group hosted a one-hour webinar that discussed the latest global service market trends as well as the impact of regulation on the industry. In addition, we provided a unique perspective on the adoption of hybrid sourcing delivery models.

Key themes discussed were:

  • Trends: How did the global services industry fair in Q1 2017? Which new trends are continuing from 2016?
  • Regulations: What is the likely impact of key regulations, such as visa reforms in the United States, on the global services industry?
  • Geographies: How did locations fare given the past year’s many socio-political changes? Why did Nearshore Europe witness a decrease in activity after many years of sustained interest?
  • Hybrid Sourcing Delivery Models (Special Topic): What is the adoption of hybrid sourcing models (i.e., BOT, Virtual/Assisted GIC, Joint Venture)? What are the relative benefits and challenges associated with implementing these models?

This is the deck used during the presentation.

Listen to a recording of this webinar.


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