Webinar Deck: Q1 2018 Market Vista™ Briefing: 2017 Year in Review & Predictions for 2018

19 Feb 2018
by Peter Bendor-Samuel, Michel Janssen, Eric Simonson

Many of us want to put 2017 quickly behind us – but let’s not move forward too hastily. For the global services industry, the year brought positive changes that are worth reviewing. Most interestingly, as an industry, we witnessed a yin and yang of the old and new. While there were clear signs of recovery in traditional services – there was significant movement away from the long-established arbitrage-first model, as leading firms pushed forward their digital transformation agendas.

On February 15, Everest Group hosted and moderated a one-hour webinar, where experts discussed these shifts and other findings from our renowned Market Vista™ quarterly report.


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