Webinar Deck: It’s Not a Talent War, It’s a New Reality

14 Dec 2021
by Michel Janssen, Jimit Arora, Parul Jain

On December 14, Everest Group hosted a webinar titled, "It’s Not a Talent War, It’s a New Reality."

As we look toward 2022, we don’t see an end to disruptions and shortages, specifically in talent, brought on by an accumulation of social and cultural changes and exacerbated by the pandemic.

Previously, the talent war had a special emphasis on the demand for high-end digital talent. Today, the talent challenge has become widespread across departments and has spiraled into rising attrition rates, higher internal salary demands from employees, and increasing outsourcing rates across a range of job skill sets.

Listen to this much-anticipated annual webinar to learn the results of our 2022 Key Issues Study exploring the ongoing talent challenge. This year, we were pleased to partner with IAOP on the study.

Ahead of the webinar, you can click here to participate in this year’s 2022 Key Issues Study.

What will participants take away from the webinar?

Our experts will explain the talent landscape for 2022 and provide insights into issues such as:

  • Top talent challenges and priorities
  • Actual and potential impacts from the talent shortage
  • Business model changes so organizations can adapt and maintain
  • Resiliency and agility planning
  • Options to avoid higher outsourcing costs

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