Webinar Deck: Impact of Digital on the Future of Business Process Services (BPS) Industry – What, Where, and How?

11 Oct 2017
by Michel Janssen, Rajesh Ranjan

Digital has emerged as the biggest disruptive force challenging existing business models and shaping the new ones. The BPS industry is no exception. However, most studies in this space have taken an overarching view rather than unraveling the specifics in terms of clearly identifying various digital components and their maturity, and quantifying their likely impact on BPS segments individually and collectively.

Everest Group hosted a one-hour webinar that focused on:

  • “The WHAT”: What digital technology levers are most critical for the BPS industry and will that change in the future?
  • “The WHERE”: Which segments of BPS industry will be most impacted in the next few years and why?
  • “The HOW”: How deep will be the impact in terms of future market size and growth?
  • Implications of these changes on your business and sourcing model


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