Digital Interactive Experience (IX) Services State of the Market Report 2021 - Moving from Persuasive to Purpose Driven Experiences
State of the Market Report

15 Feb 2021
by Nitish Mittal, Nisha Krishan

Enterprises are increasingly focusing on delivering enhanced experience to all their stakeholders (customers, employees, partners, and society). While the center of focus remains customer experience, the pandemic put a spotlight on Employee Experience (EX), resulting in increased investments. The pandemic also resulted in long lasting changes in consumer behavior and expectations from brands making enterprises take a more holistic view of experience management within their organizations. As enterprises chart their journey toward offering differentiated experiences, they will have to evolve their offerings and messaging based on the future envisioned state of the target stakeholders. Principles of human-led design will play a greater role in designing responsible and inclusive experiences of the future.


  • Geography: global
  • Industry: all industries
  • Sources leveraged: analyst inputs, Everest Group research, ongoing interactions with enterprises and service providers, publicly available secondary data sources


In this report, we explore the trends governing the interactive experience design market, examine the impact of the pandemic on experience design, and present a framework for the future of experience design. This report in divided into the following three sections:

  • Digital IX services landscape that presents market size across key sub-segments and service areas
  • Market trends highlighting the pandemic induced changes to the experience ecosystem
  • Implications for enterprises and service providers


Digital Services

Sourcing and Vendor Management


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