Unpacking the Rise of Telehealth

17 Jul 2020
by Chunky Satija, Kanika Gupta, Abdul Shaikh

The healthcare provider industry is currently combating an unprecedented pandemic wave, leading to rapid transformation at breakneck speed. Traditionally, healthcare providers have been the slowest adopters of technology, but they are now compelled to adopt technological solutions to effectively cater to rising patient expectations, improve the quality of care, and support overburdened physicians. Telehealth, spanning relatively simple virtual platforms to extensively integrated remote care and diagnostic setups, has emerged as a promising tool in such a time. When effectively implemented, telehealth can help both payers and providers achieve improved healthcare outcomes.

This report aims to capture the evolving landscape of telehealth and adoption trends for telehealth areas of the highest interest to physicians and patients. It also highlights the complex supply and demand side of the ecosystem and the factors that help decide, develop, and deploy telehealth solutions.


  • Geography: global
  • Industry: healthcare
  • Sources leveraged: analyst inputs, Everest Group research, publicly available secondary data sources


In this research, we analyze the telehealth market and services landscape across the following segments:

  • Market dynamics
  • Supply and demand landscape
  • COVID-19 impact


Healthcare IT Services (ITS)


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