Healthcare Provider State of the Market – Trends, Service Provider Performance in 2019, and Outlook for 2020

4 Mar 2020
by Nitish Mittal, Chunky Satija, Kanika Gupta, Abdul Shaikh

Now more than ever, the healthcare provider industry is expected to improve care outcomes, keep pace with changing regulatory policies, and stay competitive in the face of disruptions, all the while keeping healthcare costs in check. The entry of BigTech players that leverage their core business and technology strengths to bring innovative solutions to the market is also threatening traditional providers. The ongoing transition is resulting in the consolidation of providers, including hospital and health system mergers, collaborations between payers and providers, and more accountable care organizations setting up. Consumer-centric healthcare policies, growing awareness of wellness themes, and the increasing need for efficient information exchange have all shaped modern consumers’ expectations, compelling providers to adopt emerging technologies to cater to these demands.

In 2020, we expect providers to adopt newer methods of care delivery, with a sharp focus on telehealth and telemedicine to enable remote health monitoring and management. Improving customer experiences through applications, growing adoption of value-based care, and latent data assets will be some of the other focus areas.

This report examines the global 2019 healthcare ITS service provider landscape and covers themes expected to garner greater interest in 2020. It captures key global healthcare market trends in the healthcare provider space and provides a snapshot of the PEAK Matrix® healthcare assessments carried out in 2019.


Geography: global (with a focus on the US)

Service providers assessed: Accenture, CGI, Cognizant, Deloitte, DXC Technology, Fujitsu, GAVS Technologies, HCL Technologies, IBM, NTT DATA, Optum, Unisys, and Wipro


The report is structured into four sections:

  • US healthcare provider market trends
  • Demand overview
  • List of healthcare PEAK Matrix® assessments published in 2019
  • Outlook for 2020


Healthcare IT Services (ITS)


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