Decoding Digital Customer Experience Management

28 Sep 2018
by Skand Bhargava, Sharang Sharma

The importance of customer experience in a highly competitive market is forcing enterprises to relook at the way they have been running their contact center operations. As technology gains prominence in a digital-first world, it can also allow enterprises to deliver a much superior customer experience while reducing the cost of operations.

Digital Customer Experience Management (CXM) goes beyond leveraging digital channels to combine digital concepts, digital tools & solutions, and high-touch human intervention, as needed, to deliver a fundamentally superior customer experience. Enterprises can look at various digital solutions, such as advanced analytics, RPA, Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs), Artificial Intelligence (AI) & cognitive, to transform their customer experience operations, as well as allow them to offer superior services. However, to be successful in this transformation, they require a strategy and roadmap that can help them define the need & scope for a digital transformation and avoid common pitfalls. Enterprises also need to make right investments, not just in technology, but also in talent and change management to emerge as winners.

Scope of this report

  • Definition of the scope of digital CXM
  • Overview of the digital CXM market including market size and growth
  • Adoption characteristics for digital solutions
  • Investments for a successful digital CXM transformation
  • Future-oriented outlook for digital CXM


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