Turmoil in Egypt and Tunisia: What's next for the Offshore Services Industry?

2 Feb 2011


Market Vista


In December 2010, the ‘Jasmine Revolution’ began in Tunisia that eventually forced President Z.E.A. Ben Ali to step down after 23 years in power. Weeks after the Tunisian turmoil, agitation erupted in Egypt where the government suspended internet access and mobile phone services, resulting in a nationwide blackout.

Although over the past few years, both natural and manmade events have impacted operations in leading offshore locations, the scale and duration of this current service disruption in North Africa, especially Egypt, is significantly higher than the previous events in other countries. The crisis in Egypt and Tunisia reemphasizes the need for robust service delivery risk and disruption mitigation strategies. Equally important, these events highlight the need for investment promotion agencies of emerging destinations to proactively manage communications, and assuage negative perceptions. This Market Vista Breaking Viewpoint summarizes Everest Research Institute’s perspective on the impact of the crisis and its implications for the key stakeholders in the global services community.

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