Market Vista: 2010 in Review

4 Feb 2011


Market Vista



Market Vista provides industry-leading research, analysis, and insights on the global sourcing marketplace, supplier landscape, location dynamics, and emerging sourcing models. Quarterly reports provide perspectives on ongoing trends in the market and annual summary reports provide a holistic view of key trends for the preceding year.

Asia led offshore activity during 2010 


Market Vista: 2010 in Review captures key developments in the outsourcing and offshoring industry in 2010. This report includes an analysis of outsourcing transaction trends, captive-related developments, market activity by locations, location maturity, location risks and opportunities, key supplier-related developments, and highlights key implications for sourcing industry stakeholders. Market activity in 2010 is compared with that in preceding years to capture evolution of the outsourcing market.

Outsourcing transactions analysis in 2010 


  • Outsourcing and offshoring deal trends by function, geography and industry
  • Captive market developments including setups, expansion and divestitures
  • Details of major outsourcing deals
  • Overview of the outsourcing market activity by types of deals (i.e., renewed/restructured deals and new contracts)
  • Assessment of market activity across leading offshore destinations in 2010
  • Analysis of location risks and opportunities in 2010 including risk from rising wage inflation and attrition in India; China’s offshore services capabilities; announcement of incentives by emerging locations to attract the IT-BPO industry; change in arbitrage due to currency fluctuations; and emerging risks from the anti-offshoring sentiment in the United States
  • Assessment of the 20 Market Vista Index suppliers on financial performance, transaction activity, M&A and related developments

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