Service Provider Cloud Strategies - "As Unique as Everyone"

12 Jan 2011
by Chirajeet Sengupta, Yugal Joshi



Despite the accompanying hype and confusion, cloud computing is here to stay. CIOs and outsourcing service providers agree that they do not entirely understand this new phenomenon, though are very much engaged to the concept. Providers are apprehensive about the changes cloud computing will demand in their strategy, yet are upbeat about its adoption.

Everest conducted an outreach with major IT outsourcing providers including the global MNCs, Indian players, and providers focused predominantly on the European market. The outreach was followed by a detailed discussion on their cloud strategies. This report provides a comprehensive overview of the strategies of these outsourcing providers in terms of their focus in cloud ecosystem, challenges they foresee, buyers concerns, expectations from cloud, partnerships and their future plans to tap the cloud opportunity. The report will be useful for both the buyers to understand strategies of these providers and service providers to understand the broader market.

Key challenges and risks for service providers 


  • Overview of cloud computing capabilities
  • Adoption trends in terms of geography, buyer size, and industries
  • Drivers of cloud adoption from the buyers’ perspective
  • Perspective of service providers in terms of challenges in providing cloud services and expected winner across cloud layers and various cloud services
  • Description of major service providers’ strategies in approaching the cloud market

Hindrances in cloud adoption 


This research is focused on providing an overview of strategies of major outsourcing providers. It analyzes the key challenges which the providers face in providing cloud services, concerns from the buyers perspective and adoption trends. The report also elaborates on the current contribution of various cloud layers for MNCs and offshore players as well as what capabilities they believe are more important. For example, the second section on adoption trends discusses buyers and suppliers perspective.

  • Adoption trend across buyer size and geography
  • Buyers perspective on key drivers for adoption and hindrances towards cloud adoption
  • Key services the MNCs and offshore service providers are focusing on, and the capabilities they will focus on going ahead
  • Revenue contribution from different cloud layers for MNCs and offshore players
  • Adoption trend based on specific industry verticals and organization structure the providers are leveraging to deliver cloud services

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