IT Applications in Banking - Trends and Future Outlook

15 Jun 2011
by Jimit Arora



The Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) industry has been the largest adopter of global services and was key to the rebound in the global sourcing market post the recession. Growth objectives post the economic recession, advent of new technology paradigms, and the desire to create a globally integrated multi-channel environment are placing demands on financial institutions to ensure that their applications portfolio is aligned to industry best practices and is future-ready for this rapidly evolving industry.

As financial institutions strive to maintain and modernize their applications portfolio, they are consolidating their IT service provider base and are signing larger and more strategic AO deals with a fewer number of service providers – a phenomenon that has the potential to meaningfully alter the BFSI AO services landscape.

In this research, we analyze the current trends and the future outlook for large, multi-year application outsourcing relationships for the global banking sector. We focus on:

  • ITO trends in the BFSI segment
  • Market trends and activity for large Banking AO relationships
  • Drivers for change and future outlook for Banking AO
  • Implications for banking buyers and service providers 

Scope of the analysis

  • Industry: Banking (retail banking, wholesale banking, credit cards, loans and mortgages); excludes capital markets and insurance
  • Services: Large (TCV >US$25 million), multi-year (>3 years), annuity-based applications outsourcing
  • Geography: Global
  • Sourcing model: Third-party AO deals; excludes shared services or captive 


This report is structured across three key sections, each containing insights on application outsourcing in BFSI and banking sector, with a specific focus on large-sized contracts:

  • BFSI ITO market overview: Analysis of the overall BFSI IT Outsourcing (ITO) market and transaction trends:
    • Market size and growth
    • Adoption drivers
    • Transaction characteristics (e.g., transaction volumes, value, frequency, scope)
    • Market activity and adoption trends (e.g., by geography, sub-verticals, functions)
  • Banking AO market overview: Analysis specific to the Banking AO market with a focus on large transactions:
    • Transactions activity and growth trends
    • Demand characteristics for Banking AO services by geography, line of business, AO sub-functions, and buyer size
    • Offshore leverage
    • Global delivery locations
    • Renewal activity
  • Emerging themes and implications: Analysis of emerging trends and their influence on the future of Banking AO:
    • Factors altering the demand profile for banking AO
    • Major technology investment in the banking sector
    • Implications for key stakeholders – buyers and service providers

Some of the findings in this report, among others, are:

  • The US$56 billion BFSI ITO industry has returned to growth post-recession
  • Europe is the most active region in BFSI ITO; AO is in scope in majority of all BFSI ITO transactions
  • Large deals with TCV >US$25 million form a significant portion of BFSI AO transaction
  • Retail banking is the most active user of AO among banking lines of business (LoBs)
  • Mid-sized banking institutions dominate the signing of large AO contracts
  • Significant banking AO renewal activity is expected in the next five years creating significant value creation opportunities for buyers and service providers
  • Restoring growth and improving profitability post the recession, managing increased regulatory complexity, and adapting to customer preferences are key factors driving increased banking AO demand

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