Accenture FS BPO Service Provider Profile



Financial service BPO (FS BPO) is one of the largest BPO markets.

In this rapidly evolving market it is important to clearly understand the service providers’ current focus and their capabilities across key delivery dimensions. However, organizations pursuing outsourcing or offshoring initiatives in this area often find it difficult to obtain reliable information and insights on service providers and their capabilities.

Everest Research Institute’s FS BPO service provider profiles provide an accurate, fact-based, and comprehensive snapshot of service provider capabilities. Important aspects covered include service provider service suite, scale of operations, technology solutions, and delivery locations across all financial services segments including banking, capital markets, and insurance.


The Accenture profile provides the following FS BPO-specific details:

  • FS BPO Overview: Includes company overview, key FS BPO leaders, financial overview, FS BPO revenue mix by geography and segments, technology landscape, and recent developments
  • FS BPO location landscape: Includes city level detail of key delivery locations across the world and FS BPO segments covered by these locations
  • Deep dive into individual FS BPO segments: Details on each of the segments (Banking, Capital Markets, and Insurance) covered by the service provider that includes major clients and recently announced contracts, scale of operations in terms of FTEs and sub-segments, and service suite

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