Remote Infrastructure Management - "RIMO Strategy - Stick to the Basics, but Fine-tune too"

1 Sep 2010
by Chirajeet Sengupta, Yugal Joshi



A noticeable development over the past years has been the convergence of RIMO and traditional infrastructure outsourcing model in terms of pricing, deal scope and buyer segment. However recession brought the unique flexibility and agility of RIMO model to the forefront where the offshore suppliers went back to RIMO fundamentals and hence saw a healthy growth in their infrastructure business unlike their MNCs counterparts.

This report analyzes the key trends in the Remote Infrastructure Management Outsourcing (RIMO) market. It analyzes the fundamental value levers in various Infrastructure Outsourcing (IO) models and how the RIMO model offers different value to the buyers compared with its traditional counterpart. It presents a trend on earlier convergence of RIMO model and traditional model and how the recession made RIMO suppliers to refocus on their unique characteristics and hence diverge from the traditional model. The report discusses the strategy RIMO players need to adopt to continue their growth without compromising on fundamentals of the RIMO model.

Proportion of large infrastructure deals with offshore delivery in scope 


  • Overview of the RIMO market
  • IO market share of various offshore players
  • Analysis of strategy adopted by offshore players to grow in the recession
  • Analysis of key fundamentals of the RIMO model and road ahead for offshore suppliers

Average deal duration and ACV of MNCs' IO deals  


This research focuses on the differentiating strategy the RIMO players adopted to withstand the economic downturn. It elaborates on the fundamentals of the RIMO model which has given unique characteristic to the RIMO model and makes a case for offshore suppliers to stick to their fundamentals and fine tune them to provide next growth impetus.

  • The offshore infrastructure outsourcing market overview and projections
  • The growing importance of "offshore delivery in scope" in high valued infrastructure outsourcing market
  • Trend on the seeming convergence of RIMO and traditional infrastructure outsourcing model and the strategies adopted by RIMO players to diverge from traditional model during the recession
  • Analysis of fundamental aspects of RIMO model which provides differentiating value to the buyers
  • The strategies RIMO players should adopt to continue differentiating and growing without compromising their fundamentals
  • Implication for buyers and suppliers of the RIMO model

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