Supplier Spotlight - QuisLex

4 Sep 2009
by Jimit Arora

Supplier Spotlight - QuisLex

The landscape of potential outsourcing suppliers has evolved rapidly over the last few years significantly increasing the number of credible supplier options available in the market today. As the requirements from sourcing programs become fairly complex and requirements become specialized, suppliers with niche capabilities are increasingly making their presence felt. These niche suppliers can be specialists in a function (e.g., analytics), an industry (e.g., retail), a region (e.g., Latin America) or even a technology (e.g., Lawson). Everest Research Institute’s Supplier Spotlight showcases such select niche suppliers that have differentiated and distinctive capabilities that buyers of sourcing services must take definite cognizance of.

QuisLex – LEADING Pure-Play Legal Services Offshoring Supplier

QuisLex is a leading pure-play legal services offshoring supplier in the rapidly growing LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) market.  Founded in April 2004 with three people, QuixLex has grown successfully in the last five years to a size of more than 250 employees, making it one of the top five companies in pure-play legal services offshoring space.

To learn more about QuisLex and its capabilities, please read the full Supplier Spotlight by clicking the download button in the upper right corner. 


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